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Welcome to Bob Reid's music

From learning piano accordion as a youngster in the “sixties”, with all the influences of that great decade of music, to playing keyboards in the “eighties” and learning guitar in the “00’s” music has always been an important part of life and a way to relax from all the ups and downs of the every day.
Having a son and daughter growing up through each of the decades since the 1980’s they kept appreciation of the latest music high on the agenda. So the cd player in the car, or the mp3 player, ranges from Beatles to Mumford & Sons, Genesis to Adele and everything in between.

The first cd was recorded in studio in 2008 – studio time being a Christmas gift from the family.
So if you are brave enough to click to listen to any of the tracks – what can you expect? Mostly acoustic tracks – vocal with guitar or piano – and vocal could be an inaccurate description!! What you should expect? My songs – that mean something to me – and which I am happy to share with you. I hope that somewhere in the songs you find some that can mean something to you.
Bob Reid